balance is a menopause support app that allows those experiencing perimenopause and menopause to track their symptoms, join studies, contribute stories and receive medical insights.

The app has a journal section where users can track symptoms such as mood, sleep and periods. These symptoms are translated into a health report that patients can bring to their healthcare professional in order to be diagnosed as menopausal. Sadly for many women it takes several appointments to be diagnosed.
Calendar view
As periods can be sporadic around the time of menopause, easily tracking bleeds is crucial in order to discuss the possibility of menopause with a healthcare professional.
Initially the user would land on the tracker and select the date they want to input a bleed on using a dropdown. This was restrictive and laborious. 

To simplify this experience we created calendar view. We found this helpful as it gives the user an overview of past bleed days and patterns without the need to generate a health report. Furthermore users could now see the days of the week if they needed to log periods in the past.
Two mobile app screens showing journal and period tracker
Logging & notes
Once the day is selected, we capture some more detail regarding their flow. Adding icons and tones helps the user make a quick selection. An optional notes area is available.

The user can return to this log by clicking the date from the calendar view. The previous entry is visible and the user can now either delete or save the entry. Once an option is selected a temporary success message appears and the user returns to the calendar overview.
balance has had over 300,000 downloads. More information can be found here.

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