The challenge
balance approached us to help migrate a huge library of free menopause resources from an older website Menopause Doctor. At the same time, create a one-stop place to house the success of the app and talk about their overall mission - to make menopause resources and support available to anyone and everyone.

Since Menopause Doctor had been around a while, we didn't want to lose visitors but needed to streamline the experience. balance required a fast and smart search tool which would help users locate relevant articles, booklets, podcasts or videos. 
• End to end creative and UX lead
• Create a cohesive UI kit
• Closely collaborate with FE to test 
• Collaborate with PM to create functional spec
Content their way 
Our primary demographic - menstruators likely Xennial or older who may be experiencing symptoms, can quickly search and receive auto-populated results with an option to view most relevant content or click through to all search results.

Users who are new to the library may wish to explore recommended or popular subjects. Selecting one of these options would bring the user to a results page displaying all content tagged under that subject regardless of format. 

For those wishing to access a specific format will be able to select content divided into read, watch and listen. Once a format is selected, the categories can be further refined  by type of content eg. booklet, article etc.

If the user wants simply wants to browse, they may continue down the page to see a grid of curated content. 
Wireframe showing search bar and desirable functionality
Search results
When a user has typed what they want to search, they will either hit return, click the magnifying glass or 'see all search results'.

A filtering system can narrow the search further if it is a broad subject. The user can also view by format. Each piece of content pulls through read, view or listen time. 

Tags are displayed below, clicking on these will display aggregated content of that subject. Tags can also be located on the media or article pages.

Downloadable content automatically downloads from the grid.
Increase in traffic
In the week after launch, we compared analytics with the Menopause Doctor website from the week prior to launch. We noticed a 15% increase in the total amount of visitors, almost a 30% increase of new visitors and 69% increase of page view, with the Menopause Library being the second most viewed page after the homepage.

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